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May 1, 2012


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Well, it's done. I finally left Renderosity. Well, the gallery area that is. Yes, I still hold an account there for 3D content, one never knows when they'll get some get stuff in I might like. Currently, they're turning out too many repeats or recycles where characters are concerned to worry over missing anything. But, it's a part of my daily cyber website surfing. My favorite vendors there are StudioArtVatarian - TruForm - Odnajdy - and a few others. Will always support them!

Why I left? As a writer, I create art that is inspired by the stories I write, or stories I plan to write. They want you to submit images no larger than 512kb. Which means when I do a render, I have to butcher the quality of the work I've just put hours, and hey, sometimes days into creating and rendering. I do all of this postwork - make corrections, compile images with backgrounds sometimes and then save it. Including saving the larger image. Well, doing this after a few years gets you a CLOGGED art folder. I'm tired of clogging it with three different versions of the same image, including the thumbnails.

My last posted image there was one I did a few years ago that is CRAP! Lmbo... I hated the way it came out, BUT - it just so happened to work for me leaving. It's titled, "I'll be seeing you..." Love that song by the way.

Enough of that already.

Also... if I should finish a story I've been inspired to do an image of, with it being posted here... I can take the image, make it into a bookcover and if the need be... purchase a print of it to place on my wall. I like being able to do that. In the nutshell - this place encourages me to go for quality and KEEP IT. Currently, I have THREE folders filled with Art I can no longer use for anything other than showing online. I'm really pissed about that. There is some really good stuff that could have been used for bookcovers, but I won't be able to use it, because I reduced the quality and pixels. UGH that irritates me.

But - what's done is done. I can't go back, because some of that content, or rather... that particular generation is no longer loaded and there's no way to bring the image back up to render it again. Took forever to get my noodle to figure out how much time I wasted posting my hard created art at Rendo.

Lesson LEARNED!!!

I'm here to stay. Many friends are at Rendo... and I'll only comment there on images of those I'm especially close to. I'm out of that tit for tat B.S. - copying and pasting to get comments on my images. Heck with that! You mentally say you're not going to get pulled into that, but some how, Rendo pulls you in to doing just that. I've always been one to comment honestly, but found myself commenting on images I didn't even care for. My conscience started riding me, because I knew... it was time to go. Thing is, I stayed and put in 2 more years of that mess. Rendo's gallery is about cliques and popularity contests - not about honest artistry. Or honest comments to help the artist - it's about hoping that by commenting you'll up your ratings, comments, well heck, popularity... that's the truth of it all.

No more please, I thank you!

Already I feel lighter, freer, and TRUE to me! *Sigh* feels good... really does. NOW - I can get back to doing my images for the inspiration, for the learning, for the improvement, and maybe... for a needed bookcover image down the road.

No more WASTED renders! Hey hey hey!!! So if you drop by my gallery... be honest with me. I'm trying to GROW, learn, improve and be known as one heck of a good artist and illustrator. Can't sell B.S. to anyone - so I don't need it. Know what I mean? Cool... well, I'm off to get more writing done.

Thanks DA for existing and sorry I took so long to WAKE UP!
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Hi Mercy,

Nice to 'see' you here...I know what you mean about all the extra images of different sizes etc!! I've been away from Rendo for quite a long time and I've lost my 'footing' there:-) I must say I've done more on here than I ever did at Rendo...I like the Rendo site itself, the way its laid out etc and I have a few good friends there, I like to count you as one of them:-)

So I'll be seeing you around...

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